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Our user filled BX Disruptor Range consists of 5 main types the Nano BX-15, Micro BX-30, Viper BX-50, Cobra BX-90 and the SeAx BX-300.

The BX-90 has been extensively used subsea employed against a wide range of targets to neutralise and high order Live ordnance, both commercially and militarily.

The BX-15, BX-30 and BX-50 disrupters use our unique cartridge system (patent applied for) to enable pre-filling of cartridges before the mission.

All BX products are fully pressure tested to 31 Bar and have been independently tested to verify their effectiveness.

All BX Disruptors can be supplied in a kit that comprises of an ROV adapter, a laser sighter and an NAU and being neutrally buoyant is suitable for placement in an ROV manipulator.

To facilitate accurate aiming the all BX systems are fully compatible with the Cobra expendable targeting laser.

Micro disruptor and NAU test attachment

Nano BX-15 Disruptor

Micro Disruptor

Micro Disruptor ROV Kit