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The Vessel Arrest Launcher is a pneumatically powered line deployment tool capable of delivering ‘Vessel Stopping - Method of Entry’ & ‘Defensive Tools’. The use of compressed air avoids the generation of flash, heat or noise. The Vessel Arrest Launcher delivers the solution to safe deployment.

  • Benefits / Features Deployed with a lightweight hand held compressed air launcher
  • Capable of stopping high-speed craft with single or multi-engine setup
  • Ideal for tactical mobile response applications
  • Multi-shot capability
  • Unique reverse acting piston
  • Stand-off distances can range between 5m to 25m
  • Tested and approved by an independent third party laboratory

Cortland Ltd contract

At the end of March 2012 Cortland Ltd secured a contract to supply all Vessel Arrest Launcher for the London 2012 Games.

We were contracted by Cortland to deliver a fast track design, procure and manufacturing program to develop a high performance compressed air portable launcher for their Tactical Vessel stopping program to meet the security needs for the 2012 games.  

Cortland Ltd required a partner to complete the contract requirements and approached us to design and manufacture a modern Vessel Arrest Launcher based around Cortland's existing concept, we were chosen because of our proven track record for the design and delivery of bespoke hardware for both military and civil applications.

Sam Bull Vice President of Cortland commented:

“ We looked long and hard for a suitable company to meet our requirements, we had very tight deadlines and some serious technical challenges to overcome and we wanted a company who had the technical resource, in-house manufacturing capability and experience in meeting the high demands of the military/security environment. Like all fast track efforts the road was not all smooth however Special Projects showed a real sense of purpose and dedication to getting the job done on time and on budget. Their open communication allowed us to jointly work through all the challenges a project of this nature throws up.”

The contract was delivered on time with the end users fully satisfied with the Launcher and equipment.