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Cobra Modular Mine Disposal System

  • Low cost disposal capability
  • Multiple target prosecution / multiple target initiation
  • Acoustic Initiation capability
  • Remote RF-coded initiation capability
    • Commercial up to 1km
    • Millitary unit up to 22km
  • Methods of attachment to target:
    • Nail attachment units
    • Harpoon for soft-skinned targets
  • Hydrodynamic, buoyancy compensated, one-shot, detachable cowl
  • Non-Electrical (NONEL) components and Non Primary Explosive Detonators (NPEDs), classified 1.4S
  • Non hazardous prior to final preparation
  • Can be used with any commercial / military primary energetic and has been tested with C1, C4, PE4, PE7, M46 & Semtex
  • Ultimate control of initiation on demand without any time limitation


Mine Disposal

Disposal of Underwater Mines and Explosives

  • The Cobra system permits safe disposal of underwater mines and explosive ordnance using cabled and wireless detonation.
  • Its unique operating envelope allows it to work in water depths from the VSW line down to 300 msw.
  • Its applications include commercial use in offshore environments.
  • It also has wide national security applications for ensuring the safety of inshore territorial waters.


Seafox Launch with Cobra attached