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  • Fully endorsed and approved for use with Seafox I by Atlas Elektronik GmbH
  • Deployed against live ordnance targets in Open Spirit 2011
  • Live firing demonstrations to European navies in a variety of environmental conditions
  • Further live demonstrations and NATO exercises scheduled
  • Many successful live firings achieved with 100% success rate
  • Targets have included Soviet MO8,M12, M26 and German RMH, TMC, EMC2 and G1
  • Demonstrations have been successfully completed with Royal Netherlands and Belgian Navy MCM forces

US Mk36 replica (Steel/Concrete filled) - after CobraMDS prosecution

Inert practice mine (concrete filled) after Cobra engagement during a demonstration at Den Helder for RNN

During independent testing at Dynamit Nobel Laboratories the BX-90 self fill shaped charge used on the Cobra system consistently produced twin jets at 30mm dia, both achieving a penetration depth of 420mm through solid steel.