TB5 Phantom RF


The TB5 Phantom surface initiation float is a robust, non-magnetic, aluminium float intended for the RF initiation of subsea NONEL and Electric devices.

It is supplied with an extendable antenna and a watertight RF Compartment.  

The TB5 can be used, with a variety of existing proprietary  RF shock tube and Electric initiation devices including the Mini RABS, Breech, Breech MC, Robis, Ignius, etc. 

It can be supplied in any colour depending on the application along with indicator lights or a pinger devise to aid recovery. 

The shock tube firing line is “snapped” into the E-Clip, without the need for joining, so is easily and reliably undertaken in wet conditions e.g. while at sea from a RhiB or by swimmer/Diver.

  • Non-Magnetic robust Aluminium construction
  • Accepts a variety of RF initiation devices
  • Extends standoff safety range up to 1 to 10 km
  • Removable recovery buoy
  • Extendable antenna and strain-relief clip
  • Simple, reliable function in wet conditions