The BX-90 is a cost effective, self-fill, easily transportable, IED/UXO mine disposal device that can be placed using Cobra MDS or by Mine Clearance Diver, ROV, UGV or UXO Professional Personnel.

The BX-90 has an NEQ of 850gs. It can be used to initiate a high-order detonation of UXO either directly or through intermediate medium.

During independent testing at Dynamit Nobel Laboratories the BX-90 consistently achieved penetration of 420mm through solid steel.

The system uses NONEL/NPED or Electric detonation systems and is fully compatible with all Cobra initiation system from manual handheld devices to disposable acoustic and reusable RF systems.

It has a variable fill capability from 500gms to 1kgs NEQ.

Can be used as an Over-Pressure Neutralisation charge or Demolition Charge. Various shapes of Liners and EFP’s are available in range different materials.



Testing at Dynamit Nobel Laboratories

High order using the Cobra BX-90