The NANO BX-15 is a cost effective, self-fill, easily transportable, IED/UXO mine disposal device that can be placed using Cobra MDS or by Mine Clearance Diver, ROV, UGV or UXO Personnel.

The Nano has an NEQ of 10gm when used as an EOD or UxO disarmer. During independent testing at Dynamit Nobel Laboratories the BX-15 consistently achieved penetration of 20mm through solid steel at 3mm dia.

To facilitate accurate aiming the system is compatible with the Cobra expendable targeting laser.

The system uses NONEL/NPED or Electric detonation systems and is fully compatible with all Cobra initiation system from manual handheld devices to disposable acoustic and reusable RF systems.

Can be deployed as a fish scarer prior to bubble screen placement or as an EOD disarming tool. Our Unique Cartridge system used on the BX-15 is currently at Patent Applied For status.



Penetration test carried out at Dynamit Nobel 

Testing procedure at Dynamit Nobel

Nano BX-15