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14 Cobra systems were delivered to the Estonian navy for use in mine disposal operations in the Baltic Sea between June and November 2011.

All Cobra units were deployed against live ordnance with 100% success rate. This represents a safe, efficient and economic approach to the disposal of historic ordnance using the Seafox I.

In August 2011 a demonstration including 1 live firing was delivered to the Royal Netherlands and Belgian navies, again with 100% success.

Live firings are planned with other navies in spring 2012.

The VSW Seafox system with Cobra will be entered for consideration in several forthcoming global MCM/EOD equipment procurement programs.

The Cobra system has been supplied to the Royal Navy for mine investigation and exploration.

An international demonstration was carried out at Bincleaves, Weymouth in October 2011, where we also showcased our low profile stealth initiation float.

Cobra engaging WWII German ground mine type TMB (800Kg of hexanite). Depth 22m. Range 300m.

Cobra undergoing tests with Seafox I in a flume tank, Leipzig. Current speeds up to 3 knots.

Low profile stealth initiation float

Low profile stealth initiation float.