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The photo above shows Cobra being deployed from a naval minehunter in the Baltic.

Cobra is designed to neutralise UxO (unexploded ordnance), including floating drifting mines and other underwater munitions and historic ordnance.

  • o/a Length: 500 mm, Width: 480 mm, Height: 230 mm
  • Weight in air (fully loaded): approx 8kg
  • Materials: Reinforced GRP, HDPE, Aluminium
  • Operation Depth: from 0 to 300 meters (including Surface Operation)
  • Attachment to target by twin NAU's (other methods of attachment available)
  • Trigger initiation: 75 Newtons
  • Mine Detonation: Twin "BX-90" Shaped Charge Disruptors (approx. 2 kg NEQ)
  • Operational Temperature Range: -10° to +50° C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -30° to +70° C
  • Both tethered initiation and wireless detonation from up to 25 km range
  • Can be safely recovered after launch if command priorities / target parameters change.
  • Deployable from RhiB, Ship or Shore-Based facilities.

COBRA is supplied in recyclable boxes foldable to be stored flat


Cobra toolkit

Cobra Toolkit

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