Special Projects
Special Projects

Strategic Partners 

ECS Ltd 

Special Projects have a close working relationship with ECS Ltd, who provide practical engineering expertise and production manufacturing, they also carry out all of our prototype work which includes all elements of COBRA and the Vessel Arrest Launcher.

ECS over many years have supplied items for the MoD, Naval Minesweepers, MoD Army Vehicles, components and assemblies for Civil Aircraft and refurbishment of Aircraft Arrester Net equipment used by military aircraft. www.engcon.co.uk

Atlas Elektronik GmbH

Special Projects has a teaming agreement in place with Atlas Elektronik GmbH.

Atlas Elektronik is the system design authority for SEAFOX and is a leading systems supplier for naval electronics and has been helping Navies around the globe make the sea a safer place.

Atlas has a broad offering of sonar's and sensors, command and control systems for submarines and surface combatants, mine countermeasures systems, unmanned underwater vehicles, radio and communications equipment, naval weapons as well as coastal surveillance systems and vessel traffic services. www.atlas-elektronik.com

Battrick Consultancy Limited

Special Projects have a close working relationship with Battrick Consultancy Limited, who provide security and defence expertise, quality assurance and explosive engineering support, including risk and safety management solutions.

Battrick Consultancy works with governments, commercial companies and expert organisations to improve relevance, performance and sustainability. 

The company is also an industry advisor to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Explosive Threats and is expert in identifying specific needs of project delivery in terms of specification, procurement and implementation.  www.battrick-consultancy.com

Ocean Modules Sweden AB

Special Projects have a co-operative relationship with Ocean Modules.

Ocean Modules is the system design authority for the V8 M500 ROV and 30 years ago their management team pioneered the 360° freedom concept for underwater vehicles. This innovative concept is leading to internationally renowned products.

Ocean Modules has a wide network of sales, service and support offices around the world, providing local help and assistance regardless of location. References can be made available to survey companies, dive operators, government agencies and military customers who have all determined that products from Ocean Modules are not only the best, but also the cheapest, providing the best value for investment over the lifetime of the system. www.ocean-modules.com